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Supermicro backs creative talent at TIGA Games Awards (cl)
on 6 November 2014 at 5:54 pm

Supermicro UK, a global leader in high performance, high efficiency server technology, innovation and green computing, is supporting the UK’s most promising and cutting edge game developers with its first ever sponsorship at the TIGA Games Industry Awards 2014 held this Thursday, 6 November in London, UK.

The company is backing gaming and developer studios competing in the Arcade and Best Social Game categories as it seeks to enable game developers and publishers to take advantage of an explosive growth in cloud gaming. Supermicro UK will further reinforce its support for nurturing creative talent by presenting the accolades for Best Educational Institution and Best Educational Initiative of the year.

Supermicro UK is looking to disrupt the online gaming and entertainment industry with its recently launched Cloud Gaming Platform (CGP), an end-to-end solution for enabling GAAS (gaming as a service) cloud gaming breaking up the industry’s traditional barriers of entry. The platform is enabled with NVIDIA grid gaming GPU cards to deliver high quality, low latency, multi-device gaming on any PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone or TV.

“There is some unbelievable creative talent within the UK gaming scene with developers and studios pushing the boundaries and redefining the global gaming industry. We are here to support them by developing cutting edge and accessible innovation that makes it all possible. We are excited to be part of the TIGA Games Industry Awards 2014”, said Steve Tyson, Head of Cloud Based Solutions for Gaming and Entertainment, Supermicro UK

The TIGA awards recognise games and the business of games in the UK over the last 12 months, highlighting best practice and rewarding those in the industry contributing to its long-term innovation.

Supermicro’s Cloud Gaming Platform (CGP) sits at the heart of any subscription-model, click-to-play online video gaming service. It is available at three different price points to support all levels of gaming:

  1. games for AAA graphics-intensive gaming experiences
  2. games for large quantities of  players but with lower-density graphical requirements
  3. games for social & casual use which require huge scale and a high density computing solution

The Cloud Gaming Platform (CGP) is supported by a unique eco-system managed by Supermicro UK designed to cater for every demand and anyone who wants to offer GAAS without the need for their users to purchase expensive hardware and software, with no compromise on quality, speed or experience.

For more information about the Cloud Gaming Platform (CGP) visit www.supermicro.co.uk, email sales@supermicro.co.uk  or call +44 20 8387 1398.



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