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Netatmo boosts its Weathermap to integrate rainfall data readings (CL)
on 31 October 2014 at 11:39 am

Netatmo’s Weathermap helps users track detailed weather patterns to gain unique understanding of environmental conditions

French innovation company Netatmo has today announced an upgrade to its Weathermap to make it possible for users to monitor, understand and predict rainfall readings in their local area as well as places of interest.

Thanks to integration with Netatmo’s Rain Gauge, users can now track and monitor precipitation occurrence in real time and enhance their environmental awareness. Users can already use the Weathermap for a detailed analysis of climate and weather conditions including local temperature, pressure systems and humidity levels.

The Weathermap harnesses macro-environmental data from a global network of weather sensors transmitting data in real time directly from the users of Netatmo’s Personal Weather Stations. The analysis of rainfall readings from Rain Gauge will now be added and displayed live on the Weathermap, contributing to the development of what is currently the largest user-generated network of personal weather monitors in the world.

“One year after the Netatmo Weathermap launch, today our weather sensors network spans across more than 170 countries, compared to 150 countries at the end of 2013. The Rain Gauges data integration allows for a deeper analysis and understanding of hyper-local meteorological phenomena, such as abundant rainfalls, tempests or floods” says Fred Potter, President and Founder of Netatmo.

Available since April 2014, the Netatmo Rain Gauge completes the Weather Station range of monitoring accessories. The Rain Gauge records the amount of rainfall per hour or cumulated over longer periods of time. It can be placed in a garden, balcony or attached to a standard screw.

Netatmo’s Weather Stations and Rain Gauges provide accurate and hyper-local weather information, available to anyone willing to better understand their living environment, as well as researchers, laboratories, universities and government agencies that require access to real time weather information.

The Netatmo Weathermap is accessible from Netatmo’s website www.netatmo.com/weathermap and from the Netatmo Weather Station application.




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