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In a way what we do is quite simple. We connect brands with media and get them to talk to each other. We help clients communicate and tell their story, and work with media to provide trusted and relevant content. Above all, we deliver PR that’s accountable. Not just pretty words and carefully crafted language – it’s what impacts your bottom line. We deliver campaigns that create profit and accelerate growth. It’s PR as you’d like it to be.


We make sure you get a bigger bang for your buck.

With strong roots in sales and executive management, we’re only interested in creating tangible value from PR programmes. We ensure that everything we do is underpinned by a relentless focus on your business performance. That’s why we’re an extension of your in-house team, a strategic partner in your marketing communications.

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We won! But it’s more than just a trophy…  
on 17 October 2016 at 1:30 pm


STILL buzzing from Friday night when we scooped the 2016 PCR Women of the Year Award for PR Powerhouse. Obviously, it’s an absolute honour to be recognised and rewarded for our hard work and dedication, and the glitzy party was fun (plus, that trophy does look nice in our office) but awards like this are important. The PCR awards aim to shine a spotlight on some of the tech industry’s most inspirational and influential female contributors across all levels, and the impact is touching. Some people (sore losers included) believe that industry awards are little more than back-slapping parties but that just shows why they probably aren’t winning any themselves; they’re no good at spotting opportunities:


  • It’s free marketing That you get to shout about all year long (unlike a dated piece of coverage) and have on your website and at the end of every email. Third party validation carries a lot more weight than a company bragging about their own product or services and is going to look a lot more impressive to colleagues and potential new business. To our existing clients, too: when they see us win awards, whether for a specific campaign or just because we make Zaboura an awesome company, it reminds them that they can trust that we know what they want and need, and are dedicated to helping them achieve it. It’s a reaffirmation that they’re working with the right team, and it helps relationships grow.


  • They make you reassess yourself – Benchmarking is very important because it makes everyone look at themselves differently and in direct comparison with competitors. Awards submissions should be thoughtfully and carefully written and having 600-odd words to sum up why you’re awesome forces you to take another sharp look at your business and practices, which is only ever a good thing. You need to ensure that you stand out from the crowd in terms of strategic thinking, creativity, people, and growth and by analysing where you stand, whether you win the award or not, you may find that you discover better ways of doing things and ways to improve.


  • The help you get the very best – Attracting and holding onto the very best is vital but difficult in an industry that is constantly changing and expanding across the globe. The very best people don’t want to work in a stale, boring environment that doesn’t challenge them; they are always growing, learning and adapting and you need to demonstrate that your company is the best environment for doing so if you want them to stay. You’ll get more from your team this way; if they’re working with the best, they will deliver the best, and that in turn is how you get the best clients.


  • They motivate your team – It’s just as important to remind your existing team why your agency is the best place to work. Of course, you expect your team to give it their all regardless of a trophy win and ours aren’t the type who require constant praise, but it’s too easy to take them for granted and important to tell people when they’re being stand-out exceptional. Winning an award like this one shows your team that not only are you thankful for all of their efforts, but so too are the industry. It sees a huge boost in morale and a buzz around the office. This motivates them to keep challenging themselves and their peers, delivering even better work to your clients. That ‘war for talent’ issue is no joke; don’t get complacent and expect team members to hang around. Someone else will snap up your best talent if you don’t put their interests first.


  • They challenge the industry – We believe in nurturing and fostering talent at Zaboura, because the industry is ever-evolving and without new, fresh ideas and minds, we can’t grow and continue to evolve. We need exciting new people and agencies to challenge the status quo and keep us from becoming stale and repetitive, so we need to acknowledge and encourage that talent to flourish and shine. Not just new, young people either; it’s important to recognise those here already and making a mark. It only further inspires and pushes them, and reminds them that this is exactly where they need to be.


Winning the PCR PR Powerhouse award is a reminder that the work we do and the people we do it for really matters, because it’s helping them and their messages matter. So a huge THANK YOU to all our amazing team, clients, colleagues, PCR Online and everyone else who helped us become the PR Powerhouse we are today!




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